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Welcome to the most advanced rabbit breeding facility in the Baltic states that adheres to the highest animal welfare standards!

We look forward to meeting you!

Our purpose is to become the leading rabbit meat producer in Baltic states and Scandinavia featuring high product quality and service.

Project description

Construction of a rabbit farming complex, a slaughterhouse and a meat processing plant at Klinšrozītes, total area of land 7.5 ha.

General profile

As per the project, the whole scope of construction is to be divided into 3 rounds:
  • Round 1. Construction of all external utilities systems, roads, turning areas, necessary fencing, 3 rabbit farms, slaughterhouse with a meat processing plant, liquefied gas containers and transport disinfection building.
  • Round 2. Construction of 5 rabbit farms and their connection to utilities necessary for operation.
  • Round 3. Construction of a warehouse for parking of various motor vehicles.


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Rīga, Kr. Valdemāra st. 33-5, LV-1010
Phone.: +371 67439661